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YouthINK: U.S. Chapter

YouthINK launched its first international chapter in Boston, Massachusetts, in August 2023, with a Shakespeare-themed immersive workshop entitled “Macbeth: the Decisions We Make” led by industry experts in the theatrical and creative arts.

The workshop started with a private tour of the Boston Public Library’s Special Collections to view the world-famous 400-year-old First Folio of William Shakespeare’s plays and learn about its historical context. For two days, the mentors led small groups of teens in hands-on instruction in script writing, casting, acting, directing, filmmaking, animation, costume, hair, and set design, culminating in the participants’ original performances outdoors on stage in the Boston Common. 

YouthINK cultural exchange invited three participants from the Ireland Chapter to join their U.S. counterparts in an inclusive experience for all.  

YouthINK’s comprehensive workshops are free to all participants including healthy meals, transportation between program events, and visits to some of Boston’s top sights.

The YouthINK U.S. Chapter workshop is scheduled as an annual event.

Events Archive

Decisions We Make: Macbeth August 4-6, 2023, Boston MA

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